Conditionally enable table fields

Conditionally enable table fields.There are so many times that I’d like to use just one table for an object which has 5-10 fields where it would be great if I can conditionally enable 1-2 of the fields.

Pat… I agree that this would be a nice builder feature, but a custom field renderer will do this for you very easily, right? Just change field.mode depending on your conditions?

Agreed, but it’s more for the non JS folks and the lazy in me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just wanted to note for the enjoyment of my fellow skuidites…

I just found myself searching to add this as a new idea. I found this post, and then my own work-around:

“Oh, right. I guess I knew that at one point.”

I still agree with Pat. This would be a handy builder feature.

Conditional rendering is available on table columns as of the Brooklyn release. There is a now a Rendering tab on the column properties when you select the column by clicking on it.

See the Table Component documentation for more information.