conditionally control read/edit properties

I’d love it if I could set conditions for a field editor’s “Default Mode” property, such as based on the values of fields in my models. This would allow sections of my page to be read-only if the “Status” field is “Approved”, or if the current user is of a certain role/profile.

Peter,  we had the same Idea when we were dreaming up conditional rendering.  Showing and Hiding is merely one of the outcomes that should be possible based on conditions.  Obviously we haven’t put that in place,  but we feel we have a framework that leads us toward it.  Thanks for your confirmation of our intuitions…

I’d love to see this too!

A work around would be having two sections that have identical fields. Then you can conditionally render one section that is editable if “Approved” is checked. The other section would be conditionally rendered if “Approved” is not checked and that section would be read-only.

Hi, Any update on supporting conditional editability?

Hi, any update on this? I have a lot of fields and so don’t want to have another field editor with rendering condition. Would be great if there is any way to make the field editor conditionally read-only. Thanks!

Hi @Peter @Rob_Hatch, do we have this functionality in place now?

The “Display Logic” section of our component properties does not let you control the “Mode” of tables and forms.

But you can build an action sequence that runs on page load - and goes through a branch that evaluates a formula ( that can include model data, url parameter, user property etc). If the formula is true, a branch can run a component actions that sets Mode to Edit. If formula is false, branch can run action that sets Mode to ReadOnly.

This action sequence could also be triggered whenever you think that evaluation criteria will change - like model update or data save, etc.

Its not quite as elegant as display logic. But it will get you the desired outcome.