conditional visibility on an unsaved record

I have a popup form for a “contact availability” record. The contact has a custom field “is teacher”. I want to show a “room” field on the popup only if the contact is a teacher. This works find on records that have already been saved. I can set the visiblity condition to only show the room field with the related contact has the “is teacher” field checked.
But on a new record, the related contact’s “is teacher” field shows up as unchecked… so the visiblity condition hides the room instead of showing it
I assume that the true state of the related contact’s is teacher field is only available after the record has been saved.
So as a way around this… is there any way to decide in javascript which of 2 custom popups to open ?

You can add a render condition that “created date != null” and that way your logic will only run on existing records…

Somthing else you said Ken made me curious.  Why do you have 2 popups? If I get your use case,  you can have one popup that includes conditional display of the room field if the ‘is teacher’ flag is set.  This will happen real time,  so on new records when the flag defaults off,  as soon as the flag is turned on,  the room field appears.   I don’t think you need 2 flags.