Conditional Rendering vs Page Assignements

I have a custom visualforce tab called billing that loads a Skuid page. We have created some cool ways to submit billing for different codes through this page. However, I don’t want users with profiles of “Director” to be able to see the tab called “Behaviorist Billing” and I don’t want users with profiles of “Behaviorist” to see the “Director Billing” tab. My first approach was going to be to use page assignments to create different pages for Director profiles and a different page for profiles with Behaviorist profiles. My understanding is page assignments work for object tabs but not for custom visualforce tabs. Correct me if I am wrong. So my next thought was I could conditionally render the tab so only the right tab shows up based on the user profile of the user viewing the page. So I created a model called User, added the id field, the profile id, and profile name fields. I then added a condition. id = to user info of user viewing this page. I then go to the “Behaviorist Billing” tab and click on rendering and say: Source Model: User If no row in model: Ignore Field: Equals single specified value and I put in the “profile name” of the Behaviorist (I copied it from the Users profile to ensure the same spelling). The tab disappears but when I login as a user with the correct profile, in this case “behaviorist” the tab does not show up. Any thought on the best way to approach this or what I may be missing in my setup? Thanks Rich

Rich.  You should be able to create page assignment records against custom objects.  Let us know if you are not able to. 

But you should also be able to use conditional rendering here.  Some thoughts:

  • You might do the rendering against the ProfileId field instead of  
  • If the Behaviorist profile doesn’t have the ability see or manage users, they will not be able to access the profile name.  In this case you will need to put the Profile ID  (the big long number) in the condition statement. 
Let us know if you can’t get this working.  It should be feasible. 

I’m pretty sure this is a permissions issue like Rob said.  What I do sometimes is create a custom formula field on the User object called “Profile Name”.  This allows you to give access to this field to people who would normally not have access to the Profile object.

I got side tracked but finally came back to this and this worked perfectly.  My roles are named based off of Geographic areas “Las Vegas Director” “Las Vegas Nurse” etc.  So now I can say if value contains “Las Vegas” render this and it works great for the whole geographic area.  Thanks!

Very Cool!