Conditional rendering snippet gets no parameters. Context row, model, list, etc

As per title. This must have critical mass. Especially since the code is in the codebase and commented out atm.

Why no context?

Hi Pat, thanks for putting all the information in one post! We’ll look into it again :slight_smile:

Thanks Luzie- maybe we can uncomment out solution :wink:

I don’t know how the devs do their magic, but the issue is on their radar and I will keep you posted here, when I know more :slight_smile:

Pat / Arne, two questions about this: 

(1) If we had a Condition type of “Formula returns true” where you could define a custom formula, how many of your use cases would this solve? It seems like a number of the scenarios described in the posts would be covered by allowing for a “Formula returns true” Condition type.

(2) How many of your use cases are related to rendering of Table row actions, buttons, or fields in a Field Editor? As opposed to, say, conditionally rendering an entire component? 

Hi Zach, 1. Custom formula would be tough for my use cases which include essentially using the snippet to check on template. 2. It is a mix. Right now probably 60/40 (or 70/30…ot quite sure) component/fields& buttons. Thanks for digging in!

Goodness. Depends when you ask me. I’d have to track down the use cases from then and I have no idea where they are anymore. Build too much to recall where this was.

Arne – can you explain more what you mean by “using the snippet to check on template”? For conditional rendering of an entire component using a snippet, can you give an example of what sort of criteria your snippet would be using to determine whether to render? One key consideration is when Skuid needs to reevaluate the snippet, so it’s important for us to know what sorts of use cases there are for this. If the snippets are heavily relying on Model / Row data, then we need to be able to reevaluate the snippets whenever a given Model / Row changes, but if the snippets are looking at data in some external variable, we’d need a way to allow for the snippet to be reevaluated whenever that data changed.

ditto Pat on the depends on when you ask.

In your consideration of when Skuid needs to reevaluate the snippet it will eventually be both.However our proof of concept will likely just use model/Row data .  (The external data would more likely be the templates- the components to be rendered map). The trigger would be a state generated on the page. We are using this to accommodate a myriad set of vendor catalogs that don’t conform to any one format well.
So, the criteria might be what “mode” is the user operating in (that could be button or   passed in from page include), the other would be which catalog or manufacturer it is.
The configuration permutations will be too big and variable to do component by component with declarative options. 
 For my purposes, to start, if the context could consist of id of component that called it that would be great. 

Sorry that’s convoluted. I can provide workflow if necessary. Thanks

zach- one more broken record track for the day. Any word on this one as well? Thanks.

Zach- any word on roadmap for this? Thanks for all you guys do!

Hope you have recovered from Dreamforce! Any word on getting this activated? thanks!

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On roadmap? This conditional rendering option using a snippet makes no sense without context/input parameters.

^^Double bump ^^. We are still treading water on this part of the project


Still the best solution for client’s issue.

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