Conditional Rendering of Panel Set With Button Issue

Hi All, I’m having a problem with a show/hide of a panel set from a Button. I had used this code on a previous project in Skuid, on an earlier version, without an issue. Basically I want to show/hide a panel set with charts using a button and conditional rendering. The show from the hide works great. There is a field on the object and it updates accordingly. I did the exact same for the Hide, where it sets the field to No and saves the model, but it does not seem to update the model on the first try. The save button for the table shows being enabled but doesn’t do anything if clicked. I have to click the Hide button three times for the update to happen and then refresh the page for the panel set to hide. Once it is hidden, clicking show works perfectly. Any idea as to why this is not firing the save on the first button press, and even when this save fires, why the panel set is not hiding? The structure of both buttons and actions and model to save is exactly the same.