Conditional rendering not working under calendar component

Let’s say. I have a model ‘Meeting’ which is also an event source on my calendar.
When a user clicks an existing meeting event or creates a new one.
There’s will be a field editor for the Meeting record and other two components which are dependent to the master record meeting.

My question is that when the meeting status has been changed. The corresponding components won’t execute the render condition properly unless I refresh the whole page and open up the popup again.

Eg: if the meeting record’s status is New. It won’t show the other two components. Otherwise, it should show the other two components.

Any idea? Thanks so much

Rendering conditions based on a field from another model will use the first row from that model. You may need to make sure your context conditions on those two other components are set up correctly.

You also may want to look into using a separate model on your Meeting object just for the calendar popup, so you have one model called “Meetings” with all the visible Meetings for the calendar to display, and another model called “Meeting” just for the popup which will only ever have one record in it.

Appreciate your reply. How do I bring up the another model called “Meeting”. If it is a new event the model record should be a new one. If a user clicks an existing event, then it should bring up the old one. Any example to link the relationship between popup and the Meeting model?