Conditional Rendering Not Working for Multi Select Picklist Condition

I want to conditionally render a tab based on a value in a multi select picklist. It works if there is only one value in the picklist, but stops working if there are mutliple values.

So if I only want to render my tab when my picklist contains “foobar”, it will render when it’s only “foobar”, but not when it is “helloworld;foobar”. Does anyone have any suggestions for working around this?


Interesting test results with this: A render condition Multi_Picklist__c includes Multiple specified values ‘helloworld’ and ‘foobar’ is only true when both values are selected in the record!

My workaround would be to change the Render Conditions ‘Render if…’ value to ANY Conditions are met, and put an ‘includes Single specified value helloworld’ condition and an ‘includes Single specified value foobar’ condition.

If you have other render condition logic, you can use the Custom logic option. [Be sure to use capital letters for the AND and OR.]

Thanks Mike! Your explanation makes sense, I was able to implement this and it works :slight_smile: