Conditional rendering for Model Field value not working

Sorry Pat.  We were laughing so hard at your Skuid hat that we didn’t pay attention to the issue you reported.  Thanks for making our day! 

But we promise - we will look at what you are reporting… 

Agreed. Love the hat!

I’m not sure why YouTube did this, but I got a kick out of this. Here’s what YouTube decided would be the next logical thing to play after your video, Pat:

Anyway, Rob’s right. It looks like this is a Skuid bug. The updateRow call isn’t triggering conditional rendering to reevaluate. We’ll work on getting it patched up, but in the meantime, here’s a potential workaround. Use a Model Action to run a snippet which rerenders the component containing your button if the AccountId has changed:

var myComponent = skuid.component.getById('ComponentContatiningTheButton'); myComponent.render(); 

You’re hard coding the components to reevaluate, so it’s not really scalable, but it should get the result in the mean time.

This has come up once again. What’s the status on this bug? Client needs to know.

We’d still reccomend using the workaround J published above.  We don’t yet have an ETA for fixing the bug more comprehensively. 

Hi Rob,

Do you have an update on this?

Any update on this?