conditional rendering filter

Yep, totally makes sense, we’ve been thinking about adding this.

Yes I agree.

We also need to rerender filters on the basis of User profile. 

Is there any alternate solution there for conditional rendering on filters?

I’m not sure if there are more elegant solutions but you could always make a different table for each case and use conditional rendering to only show the appropriate table for each user/case.  Additionally, if you do want to render based on profile (and you are worried about your page getting bloated with all these tables), you could consider using page assignments.

Hi Anna,

Thanks for your replay.

But i am using that table filter for many other models( approx 5 models) for filters purpose in global filter.
So to create different table according to different profile will affect snippet for global filter.

Also i have more used approx 12+ filters on that table. So to replicate and manage such thing on multiple model will be too much complex.


Please do this!

Any update on this?

Still ‘under consideration’? or is it on the roadmap?

As per Matt Sones above… any update on this?