Conditional Rendering Enhancement - Model hasChanged

Would love to see a conditional rendering option added to the “Model Property” Source Type for Model “hasChanged.”

Example Use Case - Clone button would show/hide based on whether or not user has edited current record(s).


That is a great idea Barry.  

Barry, I was surprised when you posted this that this wasn’t already available, as I remembered working specifically on this feature! But it looks like we got most of the way done implementing the functionality to support it, but didn’t expose hasChanged as one of the options from the Page Composer. Bummer – it will be available in the Winter 15 release (Release Candidate coming by mid-December). Probably won’t be sooner than that, unfortunately.

Sounds great guys, thank you!

Rob/Zach - I think this can be updated to “completed/resolved” or is there more coming along these lines?