Conditional Render Field Editor Column - Different Model?

When setting up a render condition, I see that the user has the ability to select a Source Model, when a Field Editor component is selected as a whole unit.

An individual column within the field editor can also have conditions to render, but it looks like I don’t have the option to select a model.

Is this meant to be this way? I know I can recreate the entire component with sight changes, but a conditionally rendered column seems to be SO close!

Thanks for the time,


Yes,  its meant to be this way.  The render conditions that are on items nested within components have to use the model associated with that component as thier source.  It is only top level components as-a-whole that can be rendered conditionally based on other models.  So Columns, Sections and fields within the Editor,  Page title and wizard buttons,  and table actions – all have to use data from within the contextual model as thier rendering conditions. 

Shh… Don’t tell anyone,  but one of the goodies we are releasing for Dreamforce this year is that all render conditions can look to data in other models to decide whether to render or not.  So Field Editor columns,  Page Title Buttons,  you can have it all! 

This release is available at   Check out the release notes for other goodies…