conditional mode for component and field

Hello All -

This actually can be done.  See… for more details and make sure to read the posts that follow this post.  You can also then use conditional rendering to hide/show fields based on the row state (new, existing, cloned, etc.).

In the app I’m building, I have a single page for everything - View, Edit, New & Clone.  During page initialization, I have a custom component that sits on top of a framework that I’ve built that detects what type of page ‘mode’ it should be - New, Edit, View & Clone mode.  From there, it flips certain components to the desired mode.  As you guys mention above, having a single page is a huge time saver on both development & maintenance.

All that said, having this be a stock feature of Skuid would be awesome and avoid a lot of javascript that is required to properly support the functionality.