Conditional merge syntax with values

What I’m trying to achieve is, I have a table of Opportunities, and I want to create one giant table for export that has a column for each Borrower related to the Opportunity. Borrowers are Child records to the Opportunity. One borrower is a Primary Borrower, if there’s a second they are a Co-Borrower. 

Can you allow values in the conditional merge syntax, eg. is there some way to use {{#BorrowerRole__c}} with a value like “Primary Borrower” to mean that “If BorrowerRole__c = Primary Borrower” then show me {{BorrowerName__c}}?

Maybe there’s some way to do this in the XML? I’ve also posted an Idea that would solve my issue here:

For the record, I found a solution by using {{#ChildObject.records.0}}{{ChildObject.records.0.ChildObjectField}}{{/ChildObject.records.0}}

And then I can sort by Borrower Role to ensure that record 0 is always Primary and record 1 is always Co-Borrower

h/t to this thread:…

Glad you got this figured out.  When you sent on Saturday I thought indexed merge sytax would work,  but I hadn’t been able to work it out yet this morning.