Conditional filter on textarea field

I am wanting to add a conditional filter on a table where it searches a TEXTAREA field for a specific word - this is on the case object.  It works on the subject field as this is “string field” but dosn’t seem to work on the TEXTAREA field.

Is this right, any workarounds?


Salesforce does not allow querying on long text fields.  TextArea and RichTextFields.  This means we cannot evaluate the long text field and filter the table to only include records where the word occurs in your TextArea. 

To make matters worse  - you cannot create a forumla field to evaluate if the word occurs in the Text field. 

My friend Google gave me this workaround.  Make a new field and popuplate it with a workflow rule - where you can evaluate the TEXTAREA field.  Then connect your table filter to the new WF managed field.  Its a pretty hacky solution,  but it may work for you.  YMMV…