Conditional custom logic not working

I have a conditional render on a button with custom logic (1 AND 2 AND 3) OR 1 OR 4. So basically I want the button to show if 1-3 all evaluate to true or when 1 or 4 evaluate to true. 

It is almost like when you throw the “or” in there it gets messed up. I tested each condition alone and know that they are working. When they all come together they stop working. 

I have seen a few threads about issues with the custom logic on conditional rendering and am wondering if this is a bug?

When you say they stop working, what do you mean?  Is a javascript error thrown in the console? 

When I say stop working I mean that the custom logic is not being followed. The button still shows even though based on the custom logic the button should not show.  


Do you have any update whether this is a bug?


Not sure I understand your logic.

(1 AND 2 AND 3) OR 1 OR 4

That’s the same thing as

1 OR 4

Because if 1 evaluates to true, then the whole expression is true.

Are you sure you’ve written the custom logic correctly?