condition quandary

Will someone help me figure out how to write conditions for this case?

I have a model (ModelA) with a lookup field called Staff__c.
I have a model (SelectedStaff) which will either be empty (if no staff is selected) or have one row.

I want ModelA to return records where Staff__c=null when the SelectedStaff model is empty, and Staff__c=(SelectedStaff)(Id) when it’s not empty.

I’m struggling to write conditions to do that. Help?


If that means “got a minute?” then yes.
Otherwise, I have no idea.


I’m just going to use Staff__c = “” filterable default on for ModelA, and run a model actions on query of the SelectedStaff model to set the value and query ModelA. The only downside here is that I can’t have skuid ‘remember’ the selected staff… it has to start off empty.

lol… gotomeeting

All set then?

yep! thanks.

hahaha, ok.