Condition mismatch

I have the condition:

It seems to be comparing:
a0Ej0000005Vr2rEAC to a0Ej0000005Vr2r

If I turn off the condition then the number shown are 18 digits long and are the same

Why the difference in number lengths? Is this why I get know matches?

Instead of NEW_CR_Member_DNA__r.Id try using NEW_CR_Member_DNA__c.

Still did not work.

The fields being compared were:
a0Hj00000072Okx and

How are you getting those field values?  (As in the values you are copying into the second half of your statement.)  

I have created a video to show you the matching records. I have turned off the conditions so all record show.

Maybe we can do a screen share so I can show you?