Components prevent scrolling on mobile

Hi team, 

I’m working towards a “unified” experience, making our pages usable on all devices including tables and mobiles. So far, so good. The problem I have is that on mobile phones pages won’t scroll if the user tries to tap on screen space that is occupied with a calendar.

To explain it differently: let’s say I’m loading a page with a calendar. The calendar fills the entire screen on a mobile device, there is no “whitespace”. The content also further extends beyond what’s visible on the mobile screen. Skuid scales the page correctly, however if the user attempts to put their finger on the screen and move the page up, down, left or right, nothing happens. The finger has to be placed on a part of the screen that is not occupied with a Skuid component. 

Is there a way around this? I’ve tried putting the calendar in a responsive grid as well as a wrapper, same result. Am I missing something?

Thank you,