Component Templates

I miss quite a few of the built in actions that the table came with in V1. 2 Row actions and 2 mass actions.

I would love to be able to have this functionality but managed in a Component Templates page w/ some DSS features like clone and create child.

Can you flesh out what you mean by “Components Template page?” I think I know where you are going - but I’d like to hear your thoughts in more detail.

Yeah. Sorta like how the V1 table had prebuilt actions on the component, but with all the component properties in the properties pane. Nothing having to do with prebuilt specific anything like a model, fields, conditions, etc. For an example I always have these settings on a table when I’m using a modal for a short list of records related to a record:

  • Visible rows is show all
  • uncheck show footer
  • Row actions on left is checked
  • margins at 16px (this can be done with a style variant but it means another click)
  • Sort client-side is checked

There’s just repeat use cases and patterns in everyone’s style.

@Anna_Wiersema @Rob_Hatch
Can we merge my idea with Moshe’s. He was way ahead of this time.
Most awesome idea ever (reusable component groups / layouts)

We should probably update the Title to something like “Template Components & Component Sets”.

Also, take a look at the comments on that post. There were for sure at least 4 votes for the idea based on those comments.