Component Pack error

Seems like skuid can’t find my component pack… despite the fact that it exists in the location indicated in the error message. If I copy the url and remove everything after the final “/” I get a download of the, and when I open it up, behold, optimize_builders.json is right there.

Any idea what could be going wrong?

when you unzip the zip, are the contents in a folder?  The contents need to be in the root of the zip.


The contents are in the root, but it seemed like a couple of the other files were corrupted somehow. I updated all the files in the zip and compiled it back to SFDC.

Now I’m getting this error:

Does that mean that there is something wrong with my builders.js file, or is the issue with optimize_builders.json?

Yep, the error was in my builders.js.  Left out an entire  “}));”


Hi All, I was trying to install the component pack and get the following error,

Here is my Static resource;

and; Here is the skuid component pack configuration.

Could some one explain what am I doing wrong here? (skuid version 7.35 )

I was able to figure-out the issue here, the problem was those files were not in the root and it was inside another directory inside of it.

Glad you got it figured!