Component Messages Enhancements

Couple of ideas for enhancements to component messages (e.g. errors);

1) Currently, clicking a message removes it from the DOM.  The challenge with this is that often times users wants to copy/paste the message text but are unable to because the message dissappears as soon as you click on it.  Would like to see an “x” icon on the right side of the message for dismissing and the click handler removed so that the message remains displayed unless you click the ‘x’.  Additionally, there could be a “dismiss all” feature for quick dismissal of all messages.

2) Would like to see a feature added for customizing messages.  This would require the full details of the message (e.g. field, row, etc.) be provided so that the message could be customized.  I could see this working as either an overriden “formatMessage” method or some type of callback.  There is a post at… which discusses obtaining the full error details so this is along those lines but I see this as two separate items since you might globally want to do something with errors and/or specifically within a component might want to format its messages.


(1) 100% agree, this has been planned for a while but just hasn’t gotten done yet. It’s very annoying to not be able to select the error message text.

No comment on #2 means 0% agree? :slight_smile:


Hi KVin - Thanks for the +1.  For official tracking purposes, there is a “Vote” button in the upper right portion of this post that you’ll want to click. :slight_smile: