component input parameters extravaganza

I’d like to be able to handle unique requirements independent of common requirements. I otherwise have constantly create unique Skuid pages. Think subtabs with Tables repeated over and over, such as Contacts, Tasks and Events.  Or even the many ways in which one deals with viewing/editing/creating single records in a field editor.

I can see myself creating one page contact page where using input parameters I can:
1. Set the component/field mode (read/edit)
2. Conditionally render Components and Component Elements
3. Set a model id. This is what spawned this post. I’d like to open panel from my master page to create a new contact for the contextual record I’m on, such as an Account. Then open saving I’d like to adopt this new Contact row back into Account_Contacts model by providing the model id as an input parameter. I’d of course have to use javascript to adopt the row.

Basically, I’d like to consolidate all my pages as much as possible. This is especially important when attempting to Skuidify the entire org/community. As many Page Includes as possible to leverage every page as much as possible.