Component Deep Dive

Skuid-Grunt got me thinking about github and collaboration. I’d like to see a Deep Dive on collaboratively building components on github. Of course the emphasis on building a component, but covering the non skuid portion of how to colloborate on Github as well.

I’d really like to make more custom components. Barry has been doing some nifty things and I’d like to get in on the action. I’d love to see some components being built as a group effort using Sublime and Github by the community.

Yes,  we do need to record and publish a conversation about team collaboration using these new tools. 

And so any idea on ETA for this?

ETA on next release as well.

Ok. Um … don’t know how to start this rant.

skuid.builder documentation is frrrrrrustrating.

Done my rant.

Rant accepted.  I promise the tech doc team is working hard on some exciting things…