Complex query forcing log in again, then only works once without clearing cache

#SOLVED I have a page include that has a complex filter set ((1 OR 2) AND 3 AND 4 AND 5 AND 6 AND 7 AND 8 AND 9). When users hit the page they receive a message " You need to log in again, session has expired…" They are logged in on other tabs. It is unique to this page include.

If they log off, clear cash and come back in, the page include works correctly once. Then the same error repeats. I verified that all the checkboxes are off regarding “Remember last-selected filter value.” I’m not sure why clearing the cache clears the issue (once).

I would like this to work as my next option is to break it onto two result sets and get rid of the OR language. Not a great UI experience to have two results sets, but what I have isn’t working. Any thoughts?

I would make sure it is definitiely the filter set if you have not already confirmed that. I would remove one model/component at a time from the page until it fixes the problem. Then you know for sure what is causing it. I have some pretty complex condition logic on several of my pages and I have never seen this. I build in V1 though so it may be a V2 issue.

As usual, I was overthinking it. It had nothing to do with the complexity of the query. I neglected to add the page include to the app. When you have a page include that is not included in the application, it creates some odd behavior around login and popups. We could get the page to load once without adding it to the app if the cache was clear and you reset pop ups. Once I added the page to the app, everything ran as it should.