Completely override Dashboard and Home Page Tabs

Apologies, I’m sure this has been answered before but I could not find it in the community.

I have overrode most of our Salesforce pages but I cannot seem to find how I can override the standard home and dashboard tabs. There is not a “button/links/actions” section for those objects so I can’t figure out how to perform the redirect.


Have you checked out this tutorial:

Or, if that’s not enough, you can do something similar to what Raymond suggested on your other post. Create a new home page using Skuid and put a link to that in the navigation component or if you have a master page, in a navigation component on that page would be the ideal place to put it (see for how to do this).

You can also set that new home page to be the default page users see when they log into Salesforce by doing the following from the Salesforce setup menu.

Super helpful, thanks that is much appreciated!


For whoever comes across this in the future, here are tutorials that explain how to do this:……