completely blank page

SCRIPT5007: Unable to get value of the property 'displaytype': object is null or undefined skuid__SkuidJS, line 26 character 3148

I am getting the above error suddenly.  Strange part is that it persists when restoring to an older version -- where they used to work.  Issue persists across different browsers on other machines as well.

Hi Kurtis

Looks like there’s something wrong with a field renderer…

  • Do you have custom javascript on your page?
  • Which version of Skuid are you using?

pretty sure I do not - I saw similar questions on similar posts and one thing that was lacking was a definitive way for me to tell if I have custom javascript.  In case I have skipped something obvious, can you tell me how to find out?

in regards to your second question- how am I supposed to know that?  A suggestion of where I could reference this information would be helpful.

Jannik the version is 8.11
I was able to view this information in Setup->(Build Section)->Installed Packages (type Installed Packages into the search box of Setup Screen).  Where within the SKUID application could the version be referenced?