I regularly find quick answers here, whether through searching old posts, or asking new questions.


You all are awesome!

Thanks for the Kudos Jim. 

If I can be so bold - would you mind leaving us an app exchange review?   It would be perfect if you’d just copy what you wrote above…

Here is the link:


I just wrote a review as Matt Sones. (changing my profile name in a minute… I’ve been masquerading as my boss).

You just replied to my review as if I was someone named Sarah. Perhaps your reply was misplaced?

HA!  I like folks who masquerade as their boss.  That’s sharp. 

The Sarah comment is a bug in the app exchange.  Apparently if you are editing a comment and a new review item comes in before you post, the app does not review the index again to make sure the comment is assigned to the correct review.  

My team yelled at me for commenting on the wrong post and I showed them what was going on.  We laughed.  I deleted my comment from yours and put it back where it belonged. 


Sweet. Funny stuff.