Community Users Cannot Drag & Drop Files

Community Users Cannot Use Drag & Drop to upload files. However it works when they click the upload button. This is happening using Chrome, I know internet explorer is not supported. When an internal user accesses the same page they can use drag & drop. Any idea why this is happening? The box to drag the file in to never even appears for them. 


Anyone have any ideas on this? I’m still stuck. Our internal users love this feature. But it will not work for community users no matter what the browser is. 

Hi, Ryan,
Are your community users able to upload files by any other means (e.g. point and click)? I am wondering if it has to do with the users’ object permissions. To what object(s)/field(s) are they trying to upload files? Attachments? A field that looks up to the File (skuid__Image__c) object? Other?

Yes they can point and click to upload the files. I have attachments related lists on custom object models. 

Hey Ryan, can you check to see if your community users have the “Api Enabled” permission? Due to some technical restrictions, users without the “Api Enabled” permission get served the old version of our upload component that does not allow drag and drop.

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That was it. Works now. Thanks Ben!