Community User not able to see Page

I have a use case where a Community User clicks a link on a record to see a form page in Skuid (it makes a printable view of the record page). If I login as the user, the Skuid page works. However, if the user tries themselves to click the link, it takes them to a Salesforce login page. Any ideas what the issue could be?


Hey Tracy!

Just want to clarify, When you say “community user”, you are referring to an SF community member trying to access your Skuid page correct?

If so, I think I found a post that could help answer your question. Have you updated the external Sharing Settings on the Page object to ‘Public Read Only’ ?

I was so excited to see that post because it described my situation exactly. However, I discovered that my external sharing on the Page object was already set to “Public Read Only”.

Any other ideas?

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Hey @Tracey,

Thanks for verifying that information. So a few things to check here:

  1. Have you verified the URL domain prefix(If the link is going to a full domain it will work for the base user but not for the community user.)
  2. Granted we just checked. Can you verify how your community can see the page(i.e: can they be guest users or they would need to be signed in)?
  3. depending on the answer for #2. How are you logging in as the user? If logging in from the contact using “log into experience as user”, you won’t be asked for any kind of login when impersonating the user.
  4. check the browser and make sure they don’t have any weird extensions.


How do I do this?

In your Skuid composer, start by looking at the “URL Redirect” action opening that new page. Then try a “relative URL” in that property first instead of a full domain prefixed URL.

Note: If a full prefixed URL is necessary, make sure it works for the community

I did not use a URL Redirect action. I simply copied the link of the page and created a Salesforce custom link url using the page url ({!Case_Notes__c.Casesafe_ID__c}). I then put the custom link on the page of the object record. THe link works when I try it, but not when a partner user tries it. The record page is on a Community.

Hey @Tracey ,

Thanks for sharing that information. I have a feeling we are super close to figuring it out.

After reading your post, The URL provided doesn’t seem like it’s in the correct format, so before we go further, can you make sure your community page is set up correctly specifically with how you created your VF page and its permissions(Step’s 2-5)?:

Also, I have found this troubleshooting guide for SF Communities & Skuid:


I’m confused. Here are the sites we have set up. The community in question has been up and running for two years.

Does another site have to be setup for Skuid?
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Posting here to close the loop on thread:

To summarize:
The reason why the community page was not able to be viewed by the community members(non-admins) is that the page link was navigating them to Skuid’s preview page from the composer:

Important to note: If you are an admin, impersonating a user, you will be able to see the Skuid page since you have proper permission to, but not non-admins.

So to fix this, we created a new lightning page inside the community page and changed the URL from the preview page( to the published lightning page:<object_name_here>

We also verified the log-in community members permission to verify if they had access to view the Skuid page as outlined here:

@Tracey, I’m glad that we could fix your issue, and thank you for being patient :smiley:!

My thanks to you and Justin for helping!

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