Community Forum Migration

Hi Community,

Our main focus at Skuid is improving and enhancing every user’s experience. That’s why we’re pleased to announce we’ll be migrating our community platform from Vanilla to Discourse!

On July 6th, 2021

we’ll take the forum offline for a few hours to handle the transition.

Our goal with this move is to provide everyone who enters our ecosystem a place to collaborate, ask questions, contribute, educate, and share ideas.

That said, we’re making the change to Discourse for several reasons:

  • The search engine is powerful.

  • Developer plugins and components will help the ecosystem scale as it grows.

  • You can access the platform via iOS and Android, too.

  • You can see a live preview when creating or editing a post.

  • The responsive and organized design Discourse offers will make reading long discussions easier.

We’ll also be redesigning the gamification system to make it more fun and engaging.

With this change, we won’t be transferring points. Instead, we’ll organize users based on their previous ranks into what Discourse calls its trust system. This will give you access to additional features and tools to help you, steward, and moderate other members. You’ll also have the opportunity to earn custom badges based on your level, backed by unique incentives that will better serve you and the apps you’re building.

We know that jumping platforms can be disruptive to your routine. In virtual communities, familiarity and comfort of habits are just as important as they are in real life.

For a smooth transition, we recommend you double-check the email you’re currently using to ensure you have access to your original account.

Note: you’ll be prompted to reset your password after we activate the new platform.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email me directly at

Thank you for being a contributing member of this community and we look forward to growing with you.