Combining Leads & Opportunities In Funnel

A guide to funnels would be really useful.

I’m trying to combine leads (all unconverted leads) with opportunities (all open / closed won opportunities) which would allow me to track the results of my campaigns.

But I can’t tell whether it’s possible to group the leads count, split by status, at the top of the funnel with the opportunities count, split by stage, below.

At the moment the lead’s and opportunity’s counts are mixed together and I can’t spot the logic for their ordering or how it can be changed.


At present, there isn’t a way to do that, unfortunately. The last series will always overwrite the one(s) before it. I’m logging this as an issue (replicated in our Dev Org), and we’ll get it addressed in an upcoming patch. I’m sorry that I couldn’t have a more favorable answer for you right away, but I didn’t want you to keep trying things and not getting the result that you want.

J no worries, as you say, I’d much rather know that the feature’s not yet available.

If your team can work out how to set this up, it would be a major help. There’s currently no way to display both sets of data in a Salesforce chart but obviously leads feed into opportunities so they’re a key part of the funnel.
I’m sure I’m not the only user who’s wished they could build this report before (in Salesforce)!

My guess is that figuring out how to handle combining a count (no. of leads) with an amount (value of opportunities) will be a challenge though.

As a starting point, if the funnel could show the number of leads as a proportion of the number of opportunities but still display the value of the opportunities, that would be good.
If users could then divide the count of leads by a number of their choice (say 3 for example, if their conversion ratio of leads to opportunities is 1 in 3), that would be even better - can we do that already in a Skuid report?

Alex - take a look at FullCircle CRM.  They fix the fundamental flaw being able to view the entire marketing-sales funnel.

Thanks for the suggestion Joe. We use Pardot to manage our marketing so we don’t need all of the features that come with their package.

If Skuid can set up funnels in the way that I’ve requested they’ll be giving me the feature I need at a much lower price :wink:


Last Friday, we released the patch (6.8.6) that I mentioned at the top of this thread (should have been pushed to your Org at this point). Now, all series in Pie type charts (includes Pie, Donut, Funnel and Pyramid) get combined into a single series instead of the previous behavior which was for the last series to display on top of the all previous series. Now, it should be possible to create a Funnel chart with a count of Leads at the top (optionally split by status) and count of Opportunities at the bottom (split by stage) completely declaratively in Skuid:

 ![]( "Image:\_images/1158821/15519-1ff55bv\_inline.png?1424280113")  

If you order your models by Status/StageName, you can even use Templates to split the data and get a little more control over those series labels (or just use field split mode and Skuid will automatically sort by the Picklist order). Does that help?

Hi J, that definitely helps, it’s already an improvement on the Salesforce report funnel (which can’t show both status and stage) and you’re now showing me the conversation rate, in terms of number of leads / opportunities. If you can go the one step further, it would perfect it.

Again, this was to provide the option to display a count of leads by status and the sum of the value of opportunities by stage.