Columns not rendering when selected and deselected quickly (Conditional Rendering)

Hide when does not work when selecting and deselecting the condition quickly.

Created a new page using a blank canvas. Added the Case model and only 2 fields. Field1 and Field2

Added a Field Editor to the page, deleted a column and then added a column set to the remaining column.

Added Field1 to the first column and Field2 to the second

Applied rendering to Column1 if Field2=Blank and applied rendering to column 2 if Field1=blank

No other formatting or rendering on the page

Preview and if I select the checkbox Field1 and immediately uncheck it, we see the same behavior as on my original page. Column 2 does not render. If I wait 2 seconds, it does.


Wondered why we did the columns in a column instead of columns in a field editor, so I tried the same test without adding the second column set and the same behavior. Check and uncheck quickly and the render does not happen.

Column 2 is not rendering when you select and then deselect the checkbox because the render condition says to only render if the checkbox is null/blank. When you select and then deselect the checkbox its value becomes false. Try adding another render condition to column 2 that checks if Field1 is false, and change the render conditions so that it renders if ANY conditions are met. Here’s a screenshot of what that looks like: