Column summary on top of the table

Hi All, We can have a column summary which will show sum/max/min/Average on the bottom of the table and just below the column. Is there a way the same we can do it to the top of the table and just before the filters ?? Client Does not want to scroll down to see the sum when there are many records in the list.

Please suggest


Edit the properties of the table.  Look for Display Properties->Scrolling.  Check the boxes for Allow Scroll Bars and Keep Headers Visible.  This should make the column summary ‘sticky’ at the bottom of the page.  It will always be visible.



I like Bill’s idea. For something bolder, you could do a template ore rich text field above table that displays something like:. YourModel has {{$}} items Replace YourModel with the name of your model.

I don’t think there is going to be an easy way to get column summaries at the top of your table. 

You can however create a custom component that shows the same data that is in your summaries,  and put that anywhere you like.   I show how here:…