Column summary adds check boxes

I have a table in read-only mode. When I add a column summary, the table now shows the mass action check boxes to the far left of the table. Anyway to disable this? I see that allows you to select which items get summarized, but if I always want all of the rows to be included, can I disable?

I’ve used this CSS in the past to hide the checkboxes:

.hidetablecheckboxes input[type=checkbox] {&nbsp; &nbsp; <br>&nbsp; &nbsp;display: none;<br>}

You’ll need add the hidetablecheckboxes CSS class to the table.

Awesome! I was looking for a CSS way to do it but couldn’t find the right element. Thanks. 

I’ve used this CSS to hide the footer:

.hidetablefooter .nx-list-footer { display: none;&nbsp;}

I use that one quite frequently. Glad to be able to reference it as a master style now in Banzai.