Column Chart with Average Line

What is the best way to display a Line Chart with predefined values for different categories?

My chart is displaying tasks by type for a certain team. Using another model that takes the count of tasks and divides it by the countdistinct of created by I was able to get a rough estimate of the “average” for each category (first chart). Is there a way to create this line using pre-define minimums instead of a UI formula field?

An example would be AE Connect = 20, Call = 250 etc. I’ve tried using the info found here: but can’t seem to get it working.

Any help is appreciated.

Any help is appreciated. 

So, do you mean to have the line be the average of all of the tasks for that group?  You shouldn’t need a formula field for that.  For using pre-defined variables, if those variables are stored somewhere in your data, you could use a formula field with a MODEL_LOOKUP function to get the pre-defined value for that particular category.