Color-code calendar entries by a value in a model

I have a calendar month view of a custom object. On it there will be a display of a few records per day, essentially representing classes taught by a few teachers. (I just want an all-day event view, not an hourly one, as I don’t have/need the times, just dates.) I’d love to be able to color-code each entry such that all classes taught by teacher1 are blue, the ones by teacher2 are red, etc. Essentially group the model by a field and choose/assign a color for that group. That way when you see them on a calendar it is easy to glance at it and see which are there, which are missing, and quickly find the right ones.

Peter - in the Source Properties - Event Display tab, there is a Background Color property that can be tied to a field that provides HTML color text.

You could create a formula field, or a reference lookup that transated Teacher name into HTML color. If that field is used in that Background Color property each teacher will have thier own colored entry.

Now there may be some other problems with your idea. We don’t yet support Date only fields in Calendars. (Much customer feedback behind that Idea). But you could probably aritificially translate the date field into date time fields to get the start end values.

Hope this works for you.

Thanks, I knew I had seen that somewhere before! I am using a workflow rule to populate a date/time field from a date field so that I can use a Skuid calendar in month view, much like you suggested.