collapsible panels w/ handle when collapsed

It would be really cool to be to have panels that can be collapsed w/ a desired collapse direction with a uncollapse button when collapsed. 

Yup Pat.  That would be pretty cool. 

Agreed. this would be a great function to add.

This would be killer functionality. Would this JQuery sidebar solution work?

+1 for collapsible panels. We want to allow users to perform different functions depending on the language of the customer they are dealing with - so they choose the customer’s local language (picklist field), and then we present them with different fields and different buttons which depend on that language, e.g. for document generation. We can do it with conditional rendering and collapsible field editors for now, but collapsible panels which contain multiple components would be sweet.

Hello All - I was in dire need of this functionality so I wrote a custom component that might help you out.  Would still like to see this functionality added to native functionality but in the meantime, see…. for more information.