Cloud Scheduler

This is a very straighforward feature I just discovered. Someone suggested it to me a couple days ago and thought it might difficult to implement. Looked as though it would be based on this post.

I didn’t have to add the static resource to the page to make this work. Simply created a popup with a template with the following iframe. Works with contacts, leads, and person accounts (if enabled).

<iframe src="/scheduling/createMeeting.apexp?id={{{Id}}}"; width="100%" height="750px"frameborder="0"/>

Yup. that would work. 

I think the static resource needs to be added in some cases. I think you don’t need it if you have the salesforce header turned on or there is chatter in the page, but otherwise, you will need it.

This is working with neither header nor chatter.

Well, then I stand corrected. :slight_smile: