Closing/Archiving Community Issues after fix is released

I’ve noticed recently that when a fix is released for a community issue, the community issue’s are being closed/archived which means they don’t accept comments and are no longer searchable.

Closing/Archiving issues has two downsides:

1) Further feedback on an issue requires a new issue to be opened and it looses the context from previous issue.  Yes, the issues can be merged but leaving the issue open and “Solved” would suffice and provide room for further input.  Additionally, when the fix is tested by end-customers, it can be updated as confirmed which validates that the fix addressed the issue as expected.

2) Users who run in to a problem in the future would not be able to find these old issues.  Often times, old issues (or variants of old issues) could lead users to either re-opening an issue and/or finding useful information about something they are currently experiencing including potential workarounds.

Outside of reducing the number of items in the community (which would be a minimal difference), I don’t see the value in closing/archiving and would like to see the practice of closing/archiving issues ceased.

Is there a reason this practice was started?