close skuid popup from within visualforce page within iframe

I have a skuid page that has a button that launches a popup and within the popup I have a template component that has a visualforce page in it that does a ton of custom merge document wizard faxing and stuff and when it’s completed I want the skuid popup to close. How can I from within my visualforce page/controller close the skuid popup and possibly requery a model as well?

What an interesting use case.

Because the VForce page is rendered in an iFrame,  there will not be any way to have code in the iFrame act on its parent.  That is just the nature of the iFrame beast. 

I understand what you are trying to do.  The “Finished” button on your VF page does lots of processeing, and you want it to be completed by a “close popup” statement.  

In order for the two steps to happen at once, the button will have to be in Skuid.  So… Time to replace all that VF functionality in Skuid? 

Yea, I figured it would have to be a two button process until I can build it differently. Basically the VF controller uses classes that do secure faxing with an API integration. Have you guys ever wired up a Faxing integration with Skuid?

Couldn’t you have the two pages communicate through this solution?