Close icon not working in autocomplete filter

I am facing the issue regarding auto complete filter.When we are searching any record with the help of autocomplete filter at that time this error occur.

For Example I have search with B.E after that i thought that i don’t want to search with this text so i have click on close but search not cleared.
It should be cleared when we click on close icon.
Please provide proper solution for this.
I have also provide screen shot for this.

Can you send a page URL to us via email so we can look at it.  We still have login rights to your org. 

send you a mail

Thanks for letting us see the page in action. 

Here is the problem.  When your filter affects multiple conditions,  the “filter off” option does not work. This is why you have the prepopulated “—” lines in the control on initial page load.   So since the filter off option cannot be performed,  it just goes back to the last filter that was active.  This is somthing that we need to address. 

However, there is a workaround.  Here is what you can do: 
1. Uncheck the “filter off” option
2. Add a new option source and move it to the top of the list.  Make it type Manual 
3. In that option source, add a new option.  It should be of “affect other conditions”
4. Add two effects - and choose to de-activate both conditions you have working on your filter. 

This will get you the experience you are looking for. 

Thanks Rob.I like this solution.

Hi Rob,
I had created autocomplete filter condition with sub query on aggregate model.  Condition is working fine but filter is not reset properly.
I have provided screen shot please check it

Glad to hear.