close drawer and open drawer in actions

If I have 2 drawers open and I select one of the “delete” buttons it erases both records. I figured one method to fix this to only allow one drawer to be open at one time.

I saw this being discussed
Is there a method to close an open drawer when another drawer is opened.

What is the delete acting on?  Is it the primary record that the table is built on?  Or is a child record?  In either case you should be able to delete one at a time even if multiple drawers are open.  I was doing this just today in our own CRM. 

It does work when I erase a single record. 

In this scenario I need to write the ID of the selected record to a new “delete” file.  When a record is written to the file I use a flow to erase the referenced ID as well as related record.  I probably have something set wrong, but it actually creates 1 record in the delete file for each drawer open.