Clone record from search result in popup

I would like to clone a record in a popup when clicking on it from a search result and attribute it a specific new main record ID so that when the popup closes it appears as a new row within the table. This record would have multiple related objects which need to be cloned as well.

I have tried using the Cloning Account Page tutorial and the Create new records in Popup but i don’t understand how I can link the actual search result information into the new model data.

So help pls?


Check out this tutorial and this community post and see if they help you out!


thanks Karen, unfortunately theres no junction object between the two as it is the same object but different record types…


If you follow the Cloning Account tutorial, you should be able to create cloned records that have exactly the data you need. The key to having that happen is to select Yes, always for each model on the cloned page as shown below.

And also to make sure that all the fields you want from the original record are on the cloned page so Skuid knows which data to copy to the new records.

If you want to make multiple records, make sure you follow step 3A.

Well, actually, if you follow all the steps in that tutorial, you should be good to go.

Hope it works for you!

Hi Karen, sorry about the delayed response. I have tried to integrate the 2 pages suggested but am still encountering problems. as i can do both separately and have in other places but I still don’t understand how to integrate the 2 together.