clone models invalid reference ids to anything cloned

How are you cloning these models? Are you using a snippet? It looks like the Id fields contains “clone_4” instead of “00123123gdusgdu”… why is that?

I’m using the clone=1 URL parameter. Skuid clones the records when the models are set to clone in the advanced tab of the models.

OK I never heard of that before, I usually use a snippet, that I detailed here: I like having the ability to control exactly what gets cloned and what doesn’t. Is that clone behavior that you are using officially supported? Is it documented somewhere?

skuid folks? penny for your thoughts?

Pat,  are you using “field from another model” conditions to tie things back to the project?  The main model should use the parameter id (and be first in order) but all others models should have conditions that are of type “field from another model”.


Man! This is Frustrating!   I can create exaclty the same structure as you have and it works like a charm. 

So more fundamental questions.   What version of skuid is running?  What happens if you remove that snippett from the end of your action sequence?  Would you mind letting us take a look? 

Skuid version 6.8.19. I’m sure you’ll be allowed but it’s my client that will authorize that.

Seems like I’m having the same or similar issue as Pat was:

I’ve seen unpresented errors hang the process. ie. invalid email address, validation rule, etc.

Add a component for each of the models when trying to save so you can see any of the errors.

Good idea.