clone button on detail view page to create new record

I am looking to build the clone functionality from the detail view page on click of clone button, Is there any sample page for doing so

Just use the Skuid’s standard Clone action and you shoud be fine. I have it in my page and it works great.

Ravi, there are a few tutorials on our help site that detail how to build clone pages. 

Here is one.

We also have some sample clone pages here:

We have tried the standard clone functionality only but giving error as :

Last Modified Date(Tue Apr 21 07:49:10 GMT 2015) before Create Date(Thu May 28 07:47:27 GMT 2015).

Please help.

Good morning Rimali, I am not sure about that error specifically but one important thing to do is go into all of the models on your clone page and in Advanced properties under Clone Model data select “YES.” This is a newer feature that is not reflected in the Clone Account Tutorial (I’ll update it today. For now you can check out our other clone tutorial which has been updated:

The Clone Account tutorial has been updated. Hooray!

Thank you Anna…my problem got solved