Clone a Skuid button

Is it possible to clone one of my buttons in Skuid on the same page as the original button? I have a few buttons with a lot of specific actions that vary slightly based on rendering conditions. It would help greatly if I could clone that button and just make the minor change instead of recreating that entire button. Is this possible?

There is no specific “Clone” or “Copy” function within the builder.  But you can view the XML that is underneath the page and copy and paste buttons there.   Once your page is saved, go to the bottom right hand corner of the page and select the “View/Edit XML”  link. 

That makes sense. Thank you!

Tip #1. Add some text to the button for easy CTRL+F. ie. “Current Button Label_FINDME”
Tip #2. Collapse the button using the triangles to make copying easy to do. You’ll only have to copy the one “collapsed” line to get the entire set of XML.

Both of those tips are very helpful, thank you!

yw. I mess tinker with the XML probably more than I should. :wink:

I’ve never worked in the XML of pages. Are there certain advantages to working there instead of the page constructor?

Well … mostly copy and paste. There are other things you can only do in XML, but they are only kinda recommended practices when the need arises. ie. query a model within a page include from an action on the main page. Without javascript, this is only possible by manually editing the XML.

Another example, which is certainly “hacking”, would be to set settings on filter such multi select on a reference field is made possible. Problem is that doing something like this is NOT supported. In other words, the Skuid development has no inclination or need to continue supporting a hacked together solution. There is a good chance they will not do anything different when they make this possible, but that is far a guarantee.

Take a peak inside the kimono. Insight will make you a better Skuid. :slight_smile: