Client-side validation rules on Save

User can split volumes across delivery months. Need to ensure that volume splits sum up to total volume

e.g. 1333 + 1333 + 1334 = 4000

Don’t want server side validation rule(s).

Ideally, can write client side JavaScript to perform validation whenever user clicks Save.

Please advise if this is possible and any guidance is appreciated.

Thanks, Irvin.

Irvin,  take a look at this post:…   It is a slighty different use case,  but walks through some client side validation processing. 


Thanks for the quick reply.  

I saw the post and my first reaction was that it could be annoying to the end user.  

I think what I really want is a Before Save event hook.  

For starters, I will go follow Chris’ lead in this post….

Thanks again, Irvin.

Between meetings with a dash of JavaScript and pinch of AF. :slight_smile:

Well done!