Client Side Sorting / Searching doesn't ever work?

In all my SKUID pages and all my tables I’ve never been able to get sorting / searching client side to work. If sort/search client side is checked (enabled), it will not function, and will only work if it’s being done server side.

Additionally, I’d like to be able to sort/search client side on a client side model (not a queried model, but something put together programmatically, either a UI only model or adopting rows into another model) It appears there is no client side search/sort for these sorts of unqueried / not saved to Salesforce models.

What’s going on here? Why am I unable to do client side sorting/searching for any/all components on my site? Is this a generic functionality not enabled or is there something wrong with my instance / all of my pages?

I’m using SKUID API v1 and SKUID version 12.1.7.

Any assistance on this would be most helpful.