Client side search no longer searches all fields in version 12.2.13

Client side search is no longer searching all fields in a table.  I have a page using a child relationship to bring a name of a person in. The table used to allow Client search method to search the name field.  Client Search no longer works on this page.  In fact, once I realized it wasn’t working I recalled it not working on other pages.  Please repair client side search.

While logging a bug I want to resubmit another bug where mass update takes new record rows out of EDIT mode after the mass update.  You have to click back in to each new row to open them back up again.

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Hey Rich, could you share some XML to help us better identify your situation?

Sure, I am trying to use client side search to be able to search a name field (first column) and a template child relationship field (second column). No results show when I type anything. Even a direct copy and paste net 0 results.

<model id=“AccountBehavior” limit=“800” query=“true” createrowifnonefound=“false” sobject=“Account” orderby=“Last_Name_First_Name__c Asc” datasource=“salesforce”> <field id=“Relationships__r” type=“childRelationship” limit=“3” orderby=“Contact__r.Name ASC”> <condition enclosevalueinquotes=“true” operator="=" type=“fieldvalue” field=“Contact__r.Contact_Type__c” value=“Behaviorist”/> <condition type=“fieldvalue” value=“X - Inactive” enclosevalueinquotes=“true” field=“Area_Name__c” operator="!="/> Behavior Data Quick Create

Use the search box on the right to search for Clients or Assigned Behaviorists. &nbsp;Behaviorists are assigned to clients by connecting the client to the Behaviorists&nbsp;contact&nbsp;with a contact type of &quot;Behaviorist&quot;.&nbsp;

Client Behaviorist {{Contact__r.Name}} | | | | BSP Completed BSP Signed Restricted BSP Peer Reviewed BSP HR Approved BSP | | SG Completed SG Approved SG Signed <action type=“redirect” label=“View Client” icon=“sk-icon-search” window=“self” url="/{{Id}}"/> <searchfields usesosl=“true” soslfields=“All Fields”/> <actions defaultlabel=“Global Actions” defaulticon=“sk-icon-magic” usefirstitemasdefault=“true”/>

Weird. .  so I wanted to test if it is just an issue of a relic table so I added a new table linked to the same single object.  I just put a few of the fields in the table and then I saved and tried it again.  The search immediately started working on both column 1 and column 2.  I removed the new table and I got the same old behavior of the search not working at all.  

Testing results are interesting:  
Old Table set to Client, No new Table added:  Search does not work on any fields.
Old Table Set to Client (same as above no changes), New Table added with duplicate fields, search is set to Server: Client search NOW WORKS on old table.  Server search works on new table.
Old Table Set to Client (same as above no changes), New Table (same as above BUT search is changed to Client):  NEITHER tables searches. 

In order to search one table has to be set to server the other to client.  Weird.

I’m able to reproduce what you’re seeing. We’ll be looking into it. Sorry for the issues this has caused you.

If an obvious workaround presents itself that can get you unstuck I’ll let you know.

We think we’ve identified a fix and hope to release it as part of 12.2.14

Thank you for looking into it Jackson.